OEMs preferred MediaTek in Q2 2022

The analyses based on the smartphones launched in Q2 2022. The analyses on the number of smartphones launched on various chipsets.

MediaTek is the most used chipset by the OEMs in Q2 2022 in their smartphones; six different chipsets from MediaTek have been used twice in the smartphones, and out of these six chipsets, only one 5G chipset is used twice.

Qualcomm is the second most used chipset by OEMs in Q2 2022 in their smartphones, and the OEMs used only seven different chipsets in Q2 2022. The most used chipset is Snapdragon 680.

Many OEMs also used Unisoc in their smartphones in Q2 2022; OEMs used three different chipsets in Q2 2022; the most used chipset is Unisoc T610.

In the Affordable (Rs 7001 – Rs 15000) segment, 52% of the smartphones launched on MediaTek chipset, followed by Unisoc with 26%.

In the Affordable Premium (Rs 15001 – Rs 30000) segment, 65% of the smartphones launched are on Qualcomm chipset, followed by MediaTek with 30%.

In the Premium (Rs 30001 – Rs 60000) segment, smartphones were launched on only Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets. Among the two chipsets, 57% of the smartphones are on Qualcomm.

In Super Premium (Rs 60001 – Rs 100000) segment, Only Qualcomm chipset is by all the OEMs to launch smartphones in this segment in Q2 2022.

On MediaTek, a total of 45% of the smartphones were launched by various OEMs. Vivo, with 24%, is the one that has launched a maximum number of smartphones on MediaTek chipsets, followed by Realme and Infinix with 14% each in Q2 2022. Some OEMs in Q2 2022 haven’t launched any smartphones with MediaTek chipsets, such as iQoo, Micromax, Nokia, and Xiaomi.

On Qualcomm, a total of 38% of smartphones were launched by various OEMs. Realme, iQoo, Vivo, and Motorola are the OEMs that used an equal number of Qualcomm chipsets to launch the smartphones in Q2 2022, followed by Oppo with 11% in Q2 2022. Some OEMs in Q2 2022 haven’t launched smartphones with Qualcomm chipsets, such as Infinix, Micromax, Nokia, Samsung, and Tecno.

On Unisoc, a total of 13% of the smartphones were launched by various OEMs. Only four OEMs used the Unisoc chipset in their smartphones which were Realme, Infinix, Nokia, and Micromax, in Q2 2022. Only Samsung used Samsung chipsets. Only two Samsung chipsets were used: Exynos 850 and Exynos 1280.

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